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Gold Leaf Signs Information is created to inform you how to get that look of lasting elegance and learn more about this amazing technique. Gold Leaf Sign making has been noted as the aristocracy of the sign profession for ages. There is no other metal that has the lasting and tarnish proof finish of 24K Gold. Gold leaf is pounded down to app. 3.5 millionths of an inch in thickness, and is so thin you can see through it. This way many square feet of metal surface can be created from just an ounce of gold. Gold leaf is resistant to most kinds of weather, and outlasts virtually any painted surfaces. Gold is the most tarnish resistant metal known to mankind.

Gold Leaf comes in numerous karat weights to give different hues, with many ways it can be applied for striking originality. Basic weights are 24K, 23.75K, 23K, 22K Gold Leaf, 18K Lemon Gold Leaf, 16K Pale Gold Leaf, 12K / 10K White Gold Leaf [alloyed with silver] plus 22K and 21K Moon Gold Leaf, alloyed to have an earthy metal gold look. These metal finishes have a deep psychological impact on humans when unique image is needed for success.

Dennis Knicely has been creating gold leaf signs and design art for decades making these lasting and timely investments that can be enjoyed for generations.

James Reid Ltd. of Santa Fe, NM U.S.A. 23K burnished - shiny Gold Leaf outline with 23K satin Gold Leaf inlay with custom wood frame. Window sign is 30+ years old - still looks like new.

Ernesto Mayans Gallery in Santa Fe, NM U.S.A. - Hand Carved 2-sided hanging sign with custom bracket. Lettering is 23K Gold Leaf. Sign is 35 years old in this picture - still looks almost like new after 1 restoration.

This is only one of numerous masterpieces by Dennis Knicely that can be seen at sites listed below this nonpariel sign art object with moon gold leaf.Tatou was Beverly Hill's top club, catering to the elite wealth. Design was made on MDO Durability, custom hand painted art with Moon Gold Leaf lettering. Circle was strapped with a brass frame and this nonpareil art piece was used for TV, celebrity and press releases from the club. This sign was created by Dennis Knicely.


Alices Restaurant of Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA - Hand Lettered with Custom Design on Large Window - 23K Gold Leaf shiny outline with embossed 18K Gold Leaf inlay with Gilded border trim.

Carved wood sign with gold leaf designed and built by Dennis Knicely, sign and design artist
Beautiful wood carved sign and logo design art with gold leaf for Kirkwood C. White of Santa Fe, NM. This was designed and fabricated by Dennis Knicely, master carver and sign maker.

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Exquisite, Elegant Sign and Design Art with Gold Leaf by Dennis Knicely

Gold Leaf Design by Dennis Knicely

Gold Leaf and other Signs of LA's Jewelry District by Dennis Knicely

Angel Gilding with liquid silver on hanging glass

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